Nordiska Skärgårdssamarbetet

Nordiska Skärgårdssamarbetet, in short NSS, (the Nordic archipelago cooperation), promotes co-operation and contacts in the archipelagos of Sweden, Åland and Finland.

This is NSS

The archipelago cooperation – active contacts across our mutual sea

Nordiska Skärgårdssamarbetet is a cross-border cooperation between authorities covering the archipelago regions of Stockholm, Uppsala, Sörmland and Östergötland counties, the counties of Southwest Finland, Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso, and Åland.

The coastal area covers 800 kilometres as the crow flies and around 50,000 people live in the archipelago all year round. We hope this number will increase in the future.

The organisation is mainly concerned with joint cooperation issues and maintaining contacts between coastal and archipelago areas. In addition, NSS organises seminars to give visibility to development needs or opportunities that both authorities and the private sector can pursue. Our focus is to contribute to increased knowledge of the conditions in our archipelagos and coastal areas. We do this in various ways through an active cross-sectoral commitment and by participating in our partners’ working groups.


The NSS is a border committee - what does that mean?

The Nordic Region has unique cooperation across national borders. The border committees are the platforms that in practice develop our areas in accordance with the Nordic Region’s strategic vision, the Nordic Region as the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The Nordic Region has 30 million inhabitants and the world’s 11th largest economy.

What is the Nordic Council of Ministers?

The Nordic Council of Ministers, founded in 1971, is the cooperation body for the Nordic countries and the governments of the autonomous regions. In the Council of Ministers, the representatives of the national governments deal with jointly agreed matters.

What is the Nordic Council?

Founded in 1952, the Nordic Council is a forum for cooperation between parliamentarians and ministers.

The Nordic Council is unique in the world as it is the only forum where parliamentarians from other countries can ask questions to ministers from other countries and have political discussions with the governments of neighbouring countries.

“Now it is important that we join forces, identify where we can improve, and in this way improve Nordic co-operation.”

Karen Ellemann, new Secretary General for the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2023.

Our activities

We have chosen to divide our activities into four areas: Environment, Housing & Living, Enterprise and Infrastructure. We organise projects in these areas, often in cooperation with many other actors.

The Nordic Archipelago Cooperation is one of the Nordic border committees whose purpose is to implement cooperation programmes and remove border obstacles. We work towards a more integrated and sustainable Nordic Region.

The projects Regions4Climate and RESIST

Regions4Climate engages regions in developing and testing their plans for resilience and transformative adaptation pathways.


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