Potentials of a prolonged tourism season in the Nordic Archipelago

Seminarium Plats: Online

We invite you to our seminar  7.12. 2023 09.00-10.30 CET

Potentials of a prolonged tourism season

Mobile data shows  40 million visitors,  300 million tax income per year

  • Archipelago visitors and incomes

First data of visits in the Baltic archipelago region as a whole. How does the visits translate into jobs? And what if September becomes the new August? Joakim Franklin, senior consultant Regional Development WSP

  • Welcome to Schizotopia

Fluctuations of visitors and its impacts in coastal and archipelago areas

David Nilsson, Deputy Head, School of Architecture and Built Environment KTH

  • Possibilities and challenges in a schizotopian landscape

Turning obstacles into gains — Discussion about the different aspects of a split landscape. Development potentials in tourism business, importance of functional infrastructure and needs of environmental awareness.

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